Creative forum for Literature is an fortnight literature program of Hopes of Change(HOC) which aims to bring youths(both men and women) of all class, creed and religion together irrespective of their educational or professional background to share their thoughts, belief,experience, imagination, understanding and dream through means of Poems, Gajals, Haikus or any other literary means so that the viewers gain positive vibes as well as motivation to really stand out of the crowd and be able to contribute the society by any means and also t0 develop self confidence in them that happens to a necessary evil required to have a better quality life.



Till date Creative forum for Literature has successfully completed 8 editions. The events take place at an educational institute, high school or Art Complex. The venues are selected on the basis of sponsorship by the academy or are paid by the organisation to hold the program.



Creative Forum for Literature have seen youths and literary activists polishing their literary ideas and also interpersonal skills that not only have developed self confidence among the poets but also a bond of togetherness among the like minded peoples. Creative forum for Literature now has a greater reach to its audience as its activities are shared by Daily National papers and Online portals and youth centered pages. It not only have benefitted poets but also have urged the nationalistic citizens to help people in need that have been the established slogan of HOC. It also have accompanied in creating a sense of revolt and positiveness among the youths through literary revolution.