Experience of CFL – by Rahul Ratna Das

I feel like it was yesterday when I went to join the third edition of CFL, ‘CFL Adhyaya 3’. I was regardless of what I would do there; only I knew was that it was a poem-reciting program. When I went there, I found 15-20 young men aged- few of them teenagers like me and few a bit older, ready for holding a ceremony. It was quite the ceremony and I, truly enjoyed it. Poets, there were not that experienced (by age), though they reflected the feelings they had and the society they’d experienced and an opt to change the taboos of our society. It provided me with  pompous inspiration and I made up my mind to come up with a poem that truly reflected the real me and how I feel. It was a vow by me to myself and I did it. CFL had revealed the poet in me and I’ll be ever-grateful to CFL for doing it. For the next few editions, I came up with a new poem- originally mine.

We, youths, have unleashed potential in us; words being a great medium to optimize and rationally use it. A man, singly, is not a mere being to bring change in this society of ours, but many of ours’ voices and efforts, combined, can bring a substantial change. CFL highly contributes to it- invites youths, listens and chants poems, provides us inspiration and guide us achieve our goals to make each one of us better, socially-active leading the society to a better tomorrow.

We all have hidden talent in us which when wisely used shall benefit us all. CFL provides us with a platform to do it. I shall, till possible, be a part of this tradition and contribute to it. This tradition begun by our seniors shall surely achieve their goal to make the society better.

Rahul Ratna Das

(Student, BWIA)

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