Hike with CFL Team- Experience of Rejina Maharjan

I being a nature and traveling lover was very much excited for this hiking program organized by team Hopes of Change. Honestly, the only thing I had on my mind at the beginning was hiking and exploring. And I knew nothing about Hopes of change or the team. For me, hopes of change was a foundation, a platform for literature that organized a hike program.

But not just that, I felt Hopes of Change is a family. A total of 25 members participated in this program. At the beginning, there was a kind of strange feeling and nervousness inside me cause most of them  were new face for me and I was a new face for them. But being a new face too I could feel a friendly environment. Laughers were heard from anywhere. Everyone was so cooperative and friendly.

Though being strangers, the new faces seemed so friendly and easy team up. Especially team Hopes of Change was a key point. They made interactions so much easier. Trust me, it was a kind of team you’d want to have in your school and college. Talking about my experience, I really had a great time. It was a great experience to be a part of the hike program and a part of Hopes of Change team.

I hadn’t even expected that I’d be gaining so many memories. It was more than expected because not only I got a chance to be a part of the program, I got to know so many people, so many beautiful souls. For me the best of the program was the special episode of Hopes of Change when the members of Hopes of Change shared their writing and poetry with us. Those powerful lines showed how devoted they are towards writing. The way they expressed their thoughts in the form of writing were.

Also, the team building game will remain in my memory forever. It wasn’t just a game, it was like a session that taught me to interact with people, share my perceptions and convince them on my point. I thank team Hopes of Change for such a great experience. Hiking is just an excuse, the things I got to learn from the team is the main point. The most beautiful thing is I got to make new friends, I made memories and I shared a part of my life with new people and got to learn so much. CFL- hopes for change, I hope for a change too.



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Journey of Entrepreneurs -a small step to huge change

I had attended such workshop for the first time and my decision to attend this camp turns to be a fruitful one.  I am really grateful to Ajay dai for making me part of this camp. “When there are challenges there are opportunities” that is what this camp is all about.

This camp has totally changed my concept about entrepreneurship. Previously, I used to relate entrepreneurship only with business and creation of business plans but actually it’s more than just running your business. This camp has made me realize about the difference between a “business owner” and an “entrepreneur”.  Every moment of this camp was so worthwhile which has created a huge impact in my life like – “observing the working pattern of farmers which displays that the work can still be done even if you are alone. It doesn’t matter either you are moving fast or slow but what actually matters is that you should not stop moving forward.” The best part of this camp was generating the solutions through the discussion of one’s life itself.

Asish dai is probably one of the most inspiring person to youngster like us. It was mine pleasure to understand the actual meaning of success though his perspective of life. He made me realize that forming a large skilled manpower group doesn’t guarantee a success of business, the thing that matter is the presence of manpower from varied required backgrounds so that a company can actually be multi dynamic. Choosing a right person for right job is the first quality of entrepreneur. We must wait for the right person to join for us.

The idea of Deeplove dai about the “circle of excellence” is perhaps the biggest learning for me in this camp. It really has boosted my confidence level. I am quite sure that this idea will give me best outputs in the days to come.

Cajol didi revealed the actual definition of personality. One should perform the task quickly and effectively with minor error was the highlight of her session. Though it was a session on personality development but the session was also quite informative about unique things like the name plate of Gynendra in Narayanhiti palace and also about the experimental village of India. Meeting new people in completely new environment, sharing ideas among them, knowing the life stories of others, observing their character and understanding their personal view towards life has really helped me to understand life and to shape my further plans.

I really enjoyed night. We played many games. A special thanks to Ajay dai for creating an environment to play games like Mafia and Dumsaraj which took me to the past days of mine. Those were the games that I used to play with my friend previously but mobile gaming and social sites have made be addicted towards them. I also got opportunities to explore the nature.  Cajol  didi made the photo session quite interesting. It was really fun to click pictures with such funny and unique poses.

Such camps create a great platform for person to interact with new people in completely new environment and create a good network with energetic and inspiring youth. Such camp conveys the message about interrelationship between challenges and opportunities and create a good impact to youth like me who cannot bear the fear of failure. Such camp conceives us to visualize challenges as opportunities and formulate us to cross the huddle of life with patience. The camp like this convey the knowledge regarding the ways to move forward despite our fear. It prepares youth like me to transform fear into an enthusiasm to engage with the new challenge and learn from it. That is why every youth like me needs to participate in these kinds of camps for learning, exploring and developing oneself personally and professionally both.

Sangam Joshi

Student, British Model College


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Experience of CFL – by Rahul Ratna Das

I feel like it was yesterday when I went to join the third edition of CFL, ‘CFL Adhyaya 3’. I was regardless of what I would do there; only I knew was that it was a poem-reciting program. When I went there, I found 15-20 young men aged- few of them teenagers like me and few a bit older, ready for holding a ceremony. It was quite the ceremony and I, truly enjoyed it. Poets, there were not that experienced (by age), though they reflected the feelings they had and the society they’d experienced and an opt to change the taboos of our society. It provided me with  pompous inspiration and I made up my mind to come up with a poem that truly reflected the real me and how I feel. It was a vow by me to myself and I did it. CFL had revealed the poet in me and I’ll be ever-grateful to CFL for doing it. For the next few editions, I came up with a new poem- originally mine.

We, youths, have unleashed potential in us; words being a great medium to optimize and rationally use it. A man, singly, is not a mere being to bring change in this society of ours, but many of ours’ voices and efforts, combined, can bring a substantial change. CFL highly contributes to it- invites youths, listens and chants poems, provides us inspiration and guide us achieve our goals to make each one of us better, socially-active leading the society to a better tomorrow.

We all have hidden talent in us which when wisely used shall benefit us all. CFL provides us with a platform to do it. I shall, till possible, be a part of this tradition and contribute to it. This tradition begun by our seniors shall surely achieve their goal to make the society better.

Rahul Ratna Das

(Student, BWIA)

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