Hopes of change

Hike with CFL Team- Experience of Rejina Maharjan

I being a nature and traveling lover was very much excited for this hiking program organized by team Hopes of Change. Honestly, the only thing I had on my mind at the beginning was hiking and exploring. And I knew nothing about Hopes of change or the team. For me, hopes of change was a foundation, a platform for literature that organized a hike program.

But not just that, I felt Hopes of Change is a family. A total of 25 members participated in this program. At the beginning, there was a kind of strange feeling and nervousness inside me cause most of them  were new face for me and I was a new face for them. But being a new face too I could feel a friendly environment. Laughers were heard from anywhere. Everyone was so cooperative and friendly.

Though being strangers, the new faces seemed so friendly and easy team up. Especially team Hopes of Change was a key point. They made interactions so much easier. Trust me, it was a kind of team you’d want to have in your school and college. Talking about my experience, I really had a great time. It was a great experience to be a part of the hike program and a part of Hopes of Change team.

I hadn’t even expected that I’d be gaining so many memories. It was more than expected because not only I got a chance to be a part of the program, I got to know so many people, so many beautiful souls. For me the best of the program was the special episode of Hopes of Change when the members of Hopes of Change shared their writing and poetry with us. Those powerful lines showed how devoted they are towards writing. The way they expressed their thoughts in the form of writing were.

Also, the team building game will remain in my memory forever. It wasn’t just a game, it was like a session that taught me to interact with people, share my perceptions and convince them on my point. I thank team Hopes of Change for such a great experience. Hiking is just an excuse, the things I got to learn from the team is the main point. The most beautiful thing is I got to make new friends, I made memories and I shared a part of my life with new people and got to learn so much. CFL- hopes for change, I hope for a change too.



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CFL- The Voice of Change

Poetry in the art which affects both soul and the heart.It is most affecting of communicating with the people about a cause and delivering a message in an effective way. With the concept of bringing change in the society by using the power of words and empowering youth by providing a platform to express their feelings in the response to the activities happening with them or society.  CFL (creative forum for Literature) was started.

Till now 7 editions of CFL have been conducted both inside and outside the valley. The  CFL is inspiring youth to express their feeling on different political and social issues happening in society and nation.

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Those youth who used to use poetry only to expressing love to their dear one are now stepping ahead and are writing against the issues like dowry system, untouchability, gender discrimination and so on.

Hopes of change

a school girl reciting a poem at CFL -4

Children and youth are inspiring others my making their words strongest medium.


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